knowledge is power

ALL restaurants, whether they’re brick and mortar, hole-in-the-wall, national chain, or mobile, like ours, are required to have receptacles responsible for collecting waste (i.e. grease, scum, etc.), known as grease traps.
Simply put, grease traps are also known in the restaurant business as the toilet of the kitchen.  The outhouse.  The crapper
Grease Trap = Toilet = Outhouse = Yuck

So, what makes tacos n’ cream different from all the rest?  Many, but one thing stands out - our grease trap – Period!
Our grease trap just doesn’t look like any other grease trap out there – at another restaurant, food truck, friend or family’s house.  That’s why our slogan is...

 Where’s the Grease?

We're different.  We'll happily pull back our curtain. 


What other restaurants won't  show you, we will.   Anytime.


Nulli Secundus
(Second to None)


top choice...our only choice!

  1. tacos n' cream commercial
    check out this commercial in the 162nd Regal Cinema movie theater
  2. tacos n' cream commerical
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