we're searching for the right person ...

I’m speaking to Y.O.U! Are you down for a “wax on, wax off” education (referencing “Karate Kid”)?

Maybe you don’t have the money for culinary school or you know that all of the practical skills necessary to run a restaurant can’t be taught in a classroom, nevermind that the clock on your debt keeps ticking. Maybe you’re working a job you don’t love, and are ready to pursue a new passion.

Wherever you find yourself at present, don’t let obstacles get in the way. Tacos n’ cream just might be that catalyst…

We’re re-shaping the public’s opinion on what healthy eating can be and have been recognized on many respected platforms ... vegan ones included! (i.e. HappyCow.com). Our dishes are Mexican-inspired with a Latin, World twist and our trademark is ... Where’s the grease?

Come by and check out how we run! (i.e. inconspicuously if you like, before you take a leap of faith)

the columbian review

Check out what The Columbian Newspaper reviewed about our food on a surprise visit last year! Click the image to read the full article.