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Monday, Septebmer 24th (9.24.2018)
Tuesday, September 25th (9.25.2018)
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**tn'c has "TORTA" special for tn'c penguin family only**
Featuring: Premium Halal Carne Asada, or Pollo, or Vegetarian & Vegan tortas. All come with: tn'c avocado guacamole spread on the "artisan" bread, sautéed tomato, and romaine lettuce. Just mouth watering!

​we're searching for the right person...

 So you're thinking of going to culinary school. Great -- so does everyone who's watched Iron Chef or Chopped. Whether it's to eventually get away from your 9-to-5 desk job, or to start on your lifelong culinary dream, it's hard to deny the appeal of the kitchen: sharp knives, fast pace, big flames, and no-bounds creativity. 

While working in a kitchen can be an amazing and rewarding career, there are a lot of factors that can dampen your learning experience, like cost. Formal education alone will run you up tens of thousands of dollars, even for short programs spanning 6 months. Don't believe me? Check this article from

Even after a program, you still might find yourself lacking the more practical skillset, necessary to land a great job. And then upon graduation, the clock on that debt is counting, and you're looking at several years before it’s all payed off -- and that's if you get a job ASAP! Even more, those programs are not always holistic in their teachings, leaving you with a narrowly defined educational experience and lacking the necessary know how for the 'real world'. 

So while you're still in limbo and weighing your options, we are looking for a dedicated individual looking to jump into the culinary world, for a special opportunity... 

We are tacos n' cream, a food truck specializing in healthy, never-processed, Mexican/ Latin American inspired cuisine. Successfully operating in Vancouver, WA for the last six plus years, we are looking for a new team member to help us expand -- but there's a catch! We aren't looking for just a busboy/girl, or a cashier, or a food prep handler. Rather, we are looking to provide an on hands educational experience to an individual with a genuine interest and passion for the culinary field. Said experience will have a decidedly Latin flair, and will cover the finer points of working within and the operation of a kitchen, including food safety education, customer service, managing till and expense books, filling orders with vendors, and more! This is all in addition to learning food preparation skills and techniques, that will combine together giving you an in depth, practical educational experience. If that wasn’t sweet enough, you’ll receive special perks when you’re a part of the tacos n’ cream familia!

If you're looking to start a new career, wanting to save thousands, and wish for a complete and interactive educational introduction, please reply with your name, your contact information, and a short paragraph about why you want to get into the culinary field. We will be in contact with additional details and information.

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