secret menu item

mexican street corn

You are not just a member of a club. You are a member of our family.

your heartfelt support means you’re not just a guest…you’re familia. to show our appreciation, become a tacos n’ cream familia stamp-card holder* and earn exclusive perks and access to our secret menu. welcome home!

how to become familia

step 1
visit tacos n’ cream twice (2)** between february – september. keep these receipts to redeem for your familia cardholder stamp card on your third visit.
step 2
on your next visit, present your current receipt along with the two previous ones to receive your familia cardholder stamp-card. you’ll now be eligible for tier 1* free add-ons when available, upon showing your stamp card when ordering.
step 3
visit tacos n’ cream three (3)** times between october (of the same year) – january (of the following year), getting your familia cardholder stamp-card stamped each time. you’ll now qualify for tier 2 perks, including free add-ons, size upgrades, and access to the exclusive secret menu for the year stated upon showing your stamp card when ordering.
program details
* the tacos n’ cream familia stamp-card program has two tiers. tier 1 card holders can enjoy complimentary add-ons like chef’s salsa or sour cream and earn stamps towards tier 2 status. tier 1 cards are valid through december 31 of the year earned. once fully stamped, tier 1 cards convert to tier 2 cards automatically. tier 2 card holders retain tier 1 benefits in addition to complimentary size upgrades and access to a secret menu of seasonal items such as tamales, tortas, street corn, ceviche, breakfast tacos and more, until december 31 of the following year. add-ons, upgrades, and secret menu items are subject to change and available at our discretion. upon expiry, re-completion of steps 1–3 is required to become a familia stamp-card holder.
** purchases must include a standard-menu meal item (burrito or plate) to qualify for a familia cardholder stamp-card or to earn stamps on an existing card.